Training 2

This practice focuses on technical dribbling skills to eliminate a defender. You will make the ball lift 2-3 inches off the ground so that it will go over a defender's stick. These are all difficult moves so start off slow and go faster as you gain confidence with the techniques. 

For these drills  you will need 2 sticks, 1 ball, 4 cones or 4 markers (anything will do - we used plastic IKEA plates) and about 2 square yards of space (indoors or outdoors).

Set up two cones ~4 yards apart from each other, in the middle set up the defender's stick (ideally balanced ~2 inches off the ground)


  1. Yard Pulls: great warm up drill. How many pulls can you do in 30 seconds? Are you getting more pulls vs last time? Repeat 5 times.
  2. Forehand lift:  Dribble the ball on your forehand, push the ball out in front of your body vs being close to your feet, give a small scoop under the bottom/back of the  ball. This will lift the ball over the defender's stick. Go back and forth 10 times
  3. Forehand pop: Dribble the ball on your forehand, let the ball fall back equal to your feet vs being out in front, give a small slap on the top/back of the ball. This will make the ball jump over the defender's stick. Go back and forth 10 times
  4. Backhand lift:  Pull the ball to your backhand side, let the ball slightly roll up the stick and lift it over the defenders stick. Go back and forth 10 times
  5. Air Dribble: Even though you would never this in a game, its fun fun and it helps develop ball/stick control. Here are three different air dribble tricks: the around the world, the catch and the over-the-back kick. Try these and add your own. Practice for 5 minutes

That is it for today. Also if you happen to video tape yourself practicing, then send us the videos or tag us on social media. We will post again soon.

Stay healthy!

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